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Personal Online Banking


We're upgrading your Personal Online Banking experience to a more modern, streamlined look and feel.

Online Banking Enhancement_02122024

Personal Online Banking is getting an upgrade!

Our enhanced online banking platform will launch on June 03, 2024.

We're working hard to bring you an enhanced personal online banking experience, while making this upgrade as easy as possible for you. Please take a moment to review the FAQs and short tutorial videos below, which will help you prepare for the upcoming changes to personal online banking.

Personal Online Banking Enhancement Top FAQs

What actions do I need to take before the upgrades launch on June 03, 2024?

Please ensure your contact details in online banking are up to date and complete. You can verify this information in your current online banking profile by clicking ALL > SETTINGS > EMAIL, PHONE

During the transition period, you may receive automated emails indicating your profile information has been updated or added.

What actions do I need to take when logging in to the refreshed system beginning June 03, 2024?

Once the refreshed system launches, please ensure you are able to log-in and view your accounts. Next, confirm that the below items were successfully copied to the refreshed system:

  • Any scheduled or repeating account transfers.
  • Any scheduled Bill Pay Payments.
  • Confirm your accounts are correctly enrolled in electronic statement delivery.

You can now reset and customize any account alerts or service alerts that you previously set up in the old system.

Will my password stay the same?
Your online banking password will remain the same.
Will my User ID stay the same?

Most User IDs will remain the same. However, certain special characters are no longer supported in the User ID. If your User ID contains spaces or special characters not listed below, you will be prompted to update your User ID upon your first login to the online banking website.

If you are required to update your User ID, do not forget to open your Mobile App and enter your new User ID.

Can I continue using special characters in my User ID?

If your User ID contains spaces or characters not listed below, the refreshed system will prompt you to update your User ID upon your first login.

Special characters in your User ID are not required but may be used. If you wish to use special characters in your User ID, only the following are supported:

$Dollar Sign
#Number Sign
@At Sign
 . Period
 / Forward Slash
 + Plus Sign
 = Equal Sign

What do I need to do to begin using the updated system?

After June 03, 2024 your profile will automatically be upgraded to the new online banking experience. This upgrade will happen automatically, seamlessly, and as always, at no cost to you.

At your first login, you will be prompted to agree to updated terms and conditions.

Will I be able to access the current online banking platform during the transition?

Yes! We planned this upgrade to have zero downtime and your online banking profile will be available throughout this transition.

During the transition period, Quicken, MX Personal Finance and some third party finance apps that use a Plaid connection may experience temporary connectivity issues. These connections should automatically be restored quickly after the transition is complete.

How will I log in to the new system?
You will continue using the same Online Banking login window located on our homepage,

After logging in for the first time, you will be required to Read and Agree to updated terms and conditions before continuing.
Will my account number be the same and will my checks and debit cards still work?

Yes! All your account information will remain the same. Your checks and debit cards will continue to work like normal.

This refresh will update the look and feel of Online Banking while providing additional features and capabilities.

Will my account history still be available on the refreshed system?
Yes, all your accounts and account history will transfer to the updated system. You will also be able to see more details and customize your account view in the updated system.
Will I need to download a new app?

No, the current Rely Bank mobile app is not affected by this refresh.

Please note, if you are required to update your User ID when logging in from a web browser for the first time you will then use your updated User ID to log into the mobile app.

Will my bill payments, automatic payments, and scheduled transfers still process?

Yes! No action is required for automatic payments or transfers that you have set up. Your existing activity, payees, scheduled and recurring payments, and payment templates will also be available. After logging in to the new system, please confirm review your payees and scheduled transactions to ensure everything migrated as expected. 

Is the Commercial Banking system being upgraded?
No, customers that log into our Commercial Banking platform using a Company ID will not be affected by this refresh.

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