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Prevent unauthorized checks or ACH transactions from posting to your special-use business accounts.

With Payment Block Services, protect your commercial, special-use accounts from fraudulent activity by blocking specific types of transactions. If Payment Block Services would help your business, contact our Treasury Management team for more information at 1-855-365-RELY.

Check Block

Use Check Block Services to block all checks from paying against accounts that do not issue checks.

For example, if your business has a payroll account that will only issue ACH payroll debits, use Check Block Services to make sure there is no check presented against the account.

ACH Block

Do you have business accounts that should have no ACH debit activity? ACH Block Services can ensure that your account remains secure by preventing all ACH debits.

ACH Block Filtering

Protect your accounts from unauthorized ACH debit transactions by pre-selecting authorized payees through ACH Block Filtering Services. The authorized transactions will be allowed, while any transactions from payees you have not selected will be rejected.