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Positive Pay


Reduce your business's check fraud exposure by making faster, well-informed decisions about suspicious checks.

With check fraud always on the horizon, Relyance Bank offers a way to help you combat potential loss. Use Positive Pay Services to detect altered and counterfeit checks and stop fraud in its tracks.

  • Import issued check information in your online banking profile.
  • Checks presented for payment each day are reviewed against your recorded check information in online banking.
  • Items that do not match present as an exception for you to either decide to have paid or returned.
  • Make decisions on items each business day by 10:00 a.m. CST. Items without a decision are automatically paid.
  • Allows you to make faster and well-informed decisions about suspicious checks presented for payment against your account, reducing your potential exposure to check fraud.
  • If your checks are presented for cash at a Relyance Bank location, our tellers will immediately be able to tell whether or not this is a legitimate item you have issued.
Contact the Relyance Bank Treasury Management Department today at 1-855-365-RELY to learn more about Positive Pay services.